3rd: 50 Point Project

Choose one of the following:

Who would you hold most responsible for the murder of Desdemona?  Put them on trial.  Write the opening argument against this character and make it clear why they are the most guilty by citing lines.  (Minimum 500 words)

Create 2-3 visual representations that illustrates the major themes of Othello (run draft idea by DP).

Write the twitter feed of Desdemona or Michael Cassio.  The feed should tell the experiences of the tragedy from her unique perspective in contemporary language as if a 19 year old woman or a 20 something man is writing it.  At least 40 tweets.  Break the feed into acts.

Create a soundtrack for the new Othello movie coming out Summer 2016.  Choose at least 6 songs and briefly describe (100-200 words) why each song lyrically connects to the movie.  Try to include links to the songs if they are on youtube or some other free web music channel.

Create a line-graph that timelines the events of this Tragedy from the perspective of a character of your choice.  The Y-axis should range from +5 to -5 and 0 should represent a neutral state.  Each plot point should connect to a line quote or brief event description.

Write a comparison essay comparing the storyline or theme from this play to a contemporary poem, movie, story, or performance of your choice.  Connect events, lines, and points from one work to the other.

Go to http://www.pixton.com/.  See dp for password.  Create a comic strip that illustrates an important portion of scene from Othello.  Insert yourself and provide key analysis.


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